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Patient Safety – An important issue for PAJUNK®

In the past 6 months, the topic of safety at Pajunk has been in focus of our Reliable Partner Campaign. It is particularly important to us that we, as a high-quality medical device manufacture, make our contribution to increasing patient safety.

Patient Safety - a topic that has a high priority in healthcare. There are a number of factors involved in the health of a patient and patient safety should be the focus everywhere. This ranges from the doctor’s office, over large hospitals, to companies in the med tech and pharma industries. Everyone involved has the task of putting patient safety at the centre of attention in order to ensure the best possible patient care and treatment.


The safety of patients and users is our top priority. Whether it’s our current product range or new technologies we are working on, we keep an intensive exchange with experts. Especially this exchange is extremely important for our product developments.



The last months of our Reliable Partner campaign have shown you everything that falls under the topic of safety for Pajunk. On the one hand, there are our products and technology developments that lead to better ultrasound visibility or to the prevention of nerve damage. On the other hand, we contribute to increased patient safety with clear labelling on our catheters and packaging. Because - When every minute counts, every move has to be right. More on this topic here

We are also making our contribution in the area of the opioid crisis. Pajunk plays an important role in addressing the opioid crisis by offering an alternative treatment for both pain types that are entirely devoid of opioids. In the area of acute pain, Pajunk is offering the widest range of stimulating and echogenic products for single shot and continuous nerve block procedures. In addition to acute pain solution, Pajunk has been developing products in the field of chronic pain.

You can read more about this topic in our story – take a look!

Product and technology developments made by Pajunk

Whether it is about more visibility under ultrasound, a visual control during the application of an epidural anaesthesia or the avoidance of nerve damage during nerve blocks when the opening pressure is too high, Pajunk makes a significant contribution to patient safety with our respective product developments. High quality in production also contributes to patient safety. This is also an important factor for Pajunk and is reflected in our products. Read more


Our product & technology developments include the following:


NerveProtect³ - The Triple Guidance Safety Concept

NerveProtect³ is the combined use of ultrasound, nerve stimulation and injection pressure limitation. And this is exactly where Pajunk has developed successful technologies and products for.

Ultrasound: thanks to Cornerstone technology, our SonoPlex is the best ultrasound-visible needle on the market.

2. Nerve stimulation: NanoLine coating contributes to precise stimulation.

3. Injection pressure limitation: NerveGuard reduces the chance of nerve damage and compression of blood vessels.

Visual pressure control

The EpiLong VPC offers a visual indication of the Loss of Resistance during epidural procedures. The EpiLong VPC is a reliable alternative to the conventional Loss of Resistance technique, by visually indicating even the smallest pressure change. As a result, a more objective needle tip placement and increased patient safety are allowed.

NRFit® – In order to avoid risk of incorrect connections and injections, the DIN ISO 80369 series of standards was issued in 2016. It replaces the overarching LUER standard and defines a separate, incompatible connection for each of the newly defined five application areas. As a leading manufacturer in Regional Anaesthesia, Pajunk is offering its entire product portfolio with the new connection standard. We are proud about our successful NRFit conversion of 350+ (and counting) facilities globally.

Take a look into our Story: Pajunk – Your Reliable Partner for NRFit Conversion


Many factors are important for patient safety. This will also continue to be Pajunk's focus. From quality to innovation.


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