Drainage Catheter for Postoperative Wound Drainage


Drainage Catheter for Postoperative Wound Drainage

Talking about the topic postoperative or chronic wounds, there is always a risk of disturbed wound healing due to fluid accumulation in the affected tissue. Result is a development of haematoma and seroma (exudate/lymph fluid) as well as the formation of pus in a cavity.
Facing this challenge, Pajunk offers the Quadrain Drainage Catheter as a solution for the postoperative wound drainage to prevent risk of inflammatory.
The catheter is used for the application of general surgery, gynecological surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and thoracic and cardiovascular surgery.
Basically for most soft tissue procedures.

Quadrain Overview

Quadrain Features & Advantages

1. 4-Filament Construction

  • Enlargement of the drainage area
  • Prevention of ingrowing tissue
  • No clogging of catheter lumen

2. Rounded Corners

  • Painless removal

3. Silicone Material

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced change of kinking

4. Radiopaque Material

  • Allows for easy identification under x-ray

Quadrain Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

10 F, 500 mm (3.3 mm) with 4 filaments

1298-99-10 25

12 F, 500 mm (4.0 mm) with 4 filaments

1298-99-12 25

15 F, 500 mm (5.0 mm) with 4 filaments

1298-99-15 25

Quadrain Flyer DE

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