Manometer for CSF Pressure Measurement

Product is Available in
ISO Luer and ISO NRFit®


Manometer for CSF Pressure Measurement

As the manufacturer of the world's first atraumatic spinal needle, Pajunk takes the diagnostic spinal tap as an integral part of its core competences. With the SPROTTE® Lumbar needle and our Manometer, Pajunk provides the complete equipment for diagnostic CSF sampling and pressure measurement. The Pajunk spinal manometer allows for measurements up to 54 cm H2O (with the additional extension tubing) and is available in LUER and NRFit.

Manometer Overview

Manometer Features & Advantages

  • A solid, transparent tubing allows for easy measurements up to 34cm H2O
  • Easy and secure assembly with Luer or NRFit connection
  • Extension tube available separately allowing for measurements up to 54cm H20

Manometer Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Item no.  Purchase Unit

Manometer 3-34cm H2O

001151-38G 001163-38F 10

Manometer Extension Tubing 20cm H2O

001152-38G 001152-38G 10

Sprotte Lumbar Brochure

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