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Catheter System for Atraumatic Spinal Anaesthesia

Product is Available in
ISO Luer and ISO NRFit®


Catheter System for Atraumatic Spinal Anaesthesia

Continuous Spinal Anaesthesia is often used in orthopedics and for large-scale tumor operations.

Pajunk offers a special ramped SPROTTE® needle that allows for a small size catheter placement through the needle into the intrathecal space. The sets include additional accessories like filter and dosing syringe.

IntraLong Overview

IntraLong Catheter Features & Advantages

Catheter with Closed Tip

  • With three lateral openings

Steel Stylet

  • Provides the catheter with improved stability
  • Is placed in the introductory aid at its end, and is removed automatically with the container after catheter placement

Depth Markings

  • Graduation on the first 30cm
  • Easy determination of catheter positioning
  • Easy to read and identify

IntraLong Needle (Sprotte Special) Features & Advantages

Atraumatic Tip

  • The ogive shaped tip significantly reduces the risk of PDPH and the rounded edges of the lateral eye minimise trauma to the dura mater
  • Mionimises chance of PDPH1
  • Consistent tactile feedback

Sprotte Special Tip with Ramp

  • Reduces the chance of shearing off of the catheter
  • Easy catheter threading

Lateral Eye

  • Burr-free, rounded atraumatic edges
  • Optimised gliding properties
  • Minimum tissue particle carry-over into the spinal space

Optimal Lateral Eye Size and Placement

  • Unobstructed backflow, even if the eye is partially blocked by the arachnoid membrane
  • Allows for quicker CSF flashback2

Precision-Ground Metal Stylet

  • Lateral eye closes precisely to minimise chance of tissue coring3
  • Polished, rounded tip prevents abrasion on the inner needle tube

Highest Processing Quality

  • High quality stainless steel needle for increased stability
  • Smoothly polished and burr-free surface and inner lumen desgined for optimised gliding properties and CSF backflow
  • Consistent feel and reliable performance

Standard Hub

  • Designed for rapid detection of even the smallest quantities of CSF
  • Reduced inner space

Colour Coded Needle Hub with Size Indication

  • Easy identification of needle size

IntraLong Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

21G x 90mm (3 1/2") / 25G x 90cm PA-catheter / Fully capable of contrast / MiniFilter 0,2µm / Clamping Adapter (green) / 1ml Luer-Syringe

31151-30GS 10
Item description

21G x 90mm (3 1/2") / 25G x 90cm PA-catheter / Fully capable of contrast / MiniFilter 0,2µm / Clamping Adapter (green) / 1ml Luer-Syringe

Item no. LUER 31151-30GS 10

GuRU Poster Neuraxiale Anästhesie
GuRU Poster Neuraxiale Anästhesie

IntraLong Brochure

Neuraxial Subcatalogue


1 Cesarini, M. et al. Sprotte needle for intrathecal anaesthesia for Caesarean section: incidence of postdural puncture headache., Aaesthesia 1990; 45: 646-658.
2 Saenghirunvattana R. et al. A comparison study between newly-designed pencil-point and cutting needles in spinal anesthesia, J. Med. Assoc. Thai. 2008; 91 (Suppl 1): S156-161.
3Armon C., Evans R. W. Addendum to assessment: Prevention of postlumbar puncture headaches Report of the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology., Neurology., 2005; 65; 510

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