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It's all about safety
What does it mean for us?


It’s all about safety

What does safety mean for medical technology?

Let’s start with the official definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) for „patient safety":

„Patient safety is a framework of organized activities that creates cultures, processes, procedures, behaviours, technologies and environments in health care that consistently and sustainably lower risks, reduce the occurrence of avoidable harm, make error less likely and reduce its impact when it does occur.“

This brief definition makes it clear that patient safety is not just in the hands of an attending physician. Rather, it involves the interaction of many responsible parties.

In our role as a medical device manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility to patients and also to medical professionals.

For us, patient and user safety begins even before our product is used. They begin at all stages of the product's development.


That is why we develop many of our products in cooperation with medical professionals who support us with practical experience. In the production phase, we attach great importance to high-quality materials and modern technologies, as well as the many years of know-how of our specialists at the production site in Geisingen (Germany).


Let us be your #reliablpartner when it comes to safe medical products.



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