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More safety through clear labelling and packaging

When every minute counts, every move has to be right.

In everyday hospital life, speed and efficiency count, but always with a view to ensuring user and patient safety. As a manufacturer of medical devices, we can reliably support you with our products and accessories.

Which labelling do we offer you as standard?

  • Clear labelling of the catheters
    Catheter ID labels are enclosed with each of our catheter sets. These are used to identify the catheter on the patient. In this way, medical staff can see at first glance which catheter is connected to which area of the patient. This is to avoid incorrect connections and their dangerous consequences. Furthermore, this ID label also contains clear information if the catheter is not MR compatible.
  • Clear labelling of our product packaging
    Our product packaging is gradually being converted to a standardised design, which makes the cannula sizes visible at first glance through colour coding. The colour coding corresponds to the official colour codes of the cannula size.In addition, we distinguish between NRFit and LUER products already on the product packaging, so that a safe grip on the right product is possible at first glance.


The future product packaging will also feature QR codes to enable direct access to the correct IFU. In this way, we would like to make the IFU available to you in the shortest possible way. As soon as this innovation is active, we will inform you here.

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