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Pajunk – Your Reliable Partner for NRFit® Conversion

Successful NRFit Conversions of 300+ Facilities


In the past year, Pajunk has offered several activities in the area of NRFit. Customer reports in particular help us to further expand and optimise our support.


With our “Pajunk All-Round Service” we can support and assist your successful NRFit conversion.


“Pajunk All-Round Service” – Package:

  • Identification: Clear labelling & product identification - yellow markings
  • Ready to use: We offer NRFit customised sets to minimize the risk of misconnections during the transition period
  • Counselling: Planning, Partnering & Execution – Pajunk supports you in the conversion process


For the last point, we had many activities during the past year. Starting a NRFit symposium at the 4th eESRA. We are proud to say that we could sponsored this symposium with international speaker on their experience pre-, during and post-NRFit conversion. This was the first time that the NRFit topic was presented with a focus on the practical introduction rather than the history and description of the new standard as practiced by all other manufacturers. Look into the recording!


Also at the virtual ESRA 2021, the topic NRFit was an important component in our symposium – „Pajunk – Solutions for Patient Safety in Regional Anaesthesia“. Luc Seremeus from St. Luc University Hospital in Brussels explained the safety rules when performing peripheral nerve blocks. Watch the recording!


With the NRFit Conversion Video from our German Sales Team, you can get an overview of the topic. What does the conversion mean? Who is involved? What do I need for the conversion? You will find the answers and more information in the video below.


Our colleagues in the USA could also offer a webinar on NRFit together with the ASRA. Dr. Carl Hillermann, from the United Kingdom, and Dr. Robert Zanner, from Germany, discuss their experiences and best practices converting from Luer to NRFit connectors at their facilities. There is a Q&A session at the end, moderated by Dr. Sean Gamble from the U.S.

Take a look into the recording.



Lessons from a mass neural connector changeover

The first full healthcare facility in New Zealand and Australia who changed to ISO 80369-6 medical device (neural) connector standard was the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB), a facility with more than 1100 beds. This transition was the largest product change in history for them.

In the original article, Dr. Matthew Drake explains what is the key to success and which steps should be considered to run a smoothly transition for NRFit.

Read the complete article - start at page 14

Article: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthesia & Faculty of Pain Medicine (Spring 2021)



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"Successful NRFit® Conversions of 300+ Facilities

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