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#MeetPajunk – Our passed congresses in September

This September, two major and important anesthesia congresses took place virtually - the Virtual ESRA Congress and the WCA Congress. Unfortunately, a live meeting was still not possible due to the ongoing pandemic.

Pajunk at the Virtual ESRA Congress

Over the 3 days of the congress (September 8th - 10th), 1.172 attendees were online to share the latest trends, insights and applications in regional anaesthesia and pain therapy.

A special highlight for us was the Pajunk Symposium on September 9th on "Safety Rules When Performing Peripheral Nerve Blocks" presented by Dr. Luc Sermeus from St. Luc University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium.


The agenda included, amongst other, the following topics:

  • Stop before you block
  • Safety algorithm for avoiding intraneural injections
  • Contra-indications
  • Avoiding misconnections (NRFit)


If you missed our live symposium at the Virtual ESRA meeting, you can find the recording below.

Pajunk at the 17th WCA

The World Congress of Anaesthesiologists is held every 4 years. Originally, the 2020 congress was planned to be held on site in Prague, Czech Republic. However, due to the pandemic, it was held digitally, from September, 1st - 5th 2021.

Whether live, or digitally, we were still represented and were pleased to enter into direct dialog with you and to exchange ideas with our customers and interested parties.


Our focus was on our wide NRFit offering and our running #ReliablePartner campaign, which is currently covering the important area of "Education".



ESRA 2021 Pajunk Industry Symposium Safety Rules When Performing Peripheral Nerve Blocks

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