Clamping Adapter

Catheter Connector

Product is Available in
ISO Luer and ISO NRFit®

Clamping Adapter

Catheter Connector

The ergonomic Clamping Adapter is a catheter anchoring device which prevents overstretching to ensure the best possible anaesthetic flow rates. The clamping adapter allows for quick application and easy catheter insertion. The devices are colour-coded depending on the catheter size.

Clamping Adapter Overview

Clamping Adapter Features & Advantages

  • Ensures the best possible flow
  • Strong fixation
  • Colour-coded: grey for 18G, white for 19G, yellow for 20G/21G/23G, green for 25G/27G

Clamping Adapter Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Item no.  Purchase Unit

Clamping Adapter, yellow

001151-37V 001163-37V 10

Clamping Adapter, white

001151-38C 001163-38C 10

Clamping Adapter, grey

001163-39C 10

Clamping Adapter, green

001151-37Y 10

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