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Pajunk's echogenic
needles solution


Ultrasound-guided Injections for Chronic Pain Management

Pajunk's echogenic needles solution

What are Injections?

Injections are a non-surgical treatment option, similar to nerve blocks (e.g. steroid injections, anesthetic injections, botox injections). They are commonly used to treat persisting pain after other non-surgical measures such as medications and/or physical therapy have been tried to no avail.  Before surgery is considered, injections are used to both provide pain relief and help determine the source of a patient’s pain.


Currently, ultrasound plays a great role in Regional Anaesthesia. It has transformed the practice and will also bring great benefits to Pain Management treatments.

Injections under ultrasound brings the advantage of a real time visualisation of the needle and the injected fluid in relation to the target. Visualisation of anatomical structures which are not visible easily under fluoroscopy (e.g. nerves, tendons, fascias, soft tissue) and no radiation. Further advantages are improved safety, appreciation of depth and relative low cost (compared to other imaging technologies).


Below further benefits of Ultrasound compared to other imaging technologies.





The requirement for a needle is therefore clearly defined - it must be ultrasound-visible. Together with Dr Chris Mitchell, we invented a technology, that leads to excellent ultrasound visibility. Thanks to the Cornerstone Reflectors, our needles can be seen at any insertion angle.


For all ultrasound guided musculoskeletal steroid/anaesthetic injections, Pajunk offers a sharp and stable echogenic needle, the SonoMSK.



Want to learn more about ultrasound-guided MSK injections?

ASRA Webinar: Utilizing Ultrasound for MSK & Pain Injections: Techniques & Best Practices



What other solutions does Pajunk offer for Injections?

  • Echogenic Tuohy needles (TuohySono) for fascial plane blocks and ultrasound-guided steroid injections
  • Tuohy needles for epidural steroid injections
  • Curved SPROTTE® for transforaminal epidural steroid injections and facet infiltrations
  • Radiographic contrast needle (RGN) for fluoroscopy guided procedures

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