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Ultrasound-guided Steroid Injections


Ultrasound-guided Fascial Plane Blocks and Steroid Injections

Following the original Tuohy tip design and made of high quality polished steel, the Pajunk echogenic TuohySono needles are perfectly suitable for ultrasound-guided steroid/anaesthetic injections where a Tuohy bevel is preferred, e.g. for TAP to treat abdominal pain.

TuohySono Overview

TuohySono Features & Advantages

Echogenic Needle Tip

  • Improved needle tip visibility under ultrasound

Cornerstone Reflectors

  • 360 degree graduations on the first 20mm of the needle
  • Optimised ultrasound visibility of needle shaft1
  • Reliable and optimised needle visualisation at any angle2,3

Depth Markings

  • Easy to read and identify

Precision-Ground Metal Stylet

  • Flush ends of metal stylet and needle reduce the risk of tissue displacement
  • Increased needle stability

Detachable Plastic Wings

  • Optimum handling for different gripping techniques

TuohySono Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

18G x 50mm (2")

1085-4K050 25

18G x 90mm (3 1/2")

1085-4K090 25

18G x 120mm (4 3/4")

1085-4K120 10

17G x 90mm (3 1/2")

1085-4M090 25
Item description

18G x 50mm (2")

Item no. LUER 1085-4K050 25
Item description

18G x 90mm (3 1/2")

Item no. LUER 1085-4K090 25
Item description

18G x 120mm (4 3/4")

Item no. LUER 1085-4K120 10
Item description

17G x 90mm (3 1/2")

Item no. LUER 1085-4M090 25

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1 Fuzier R. et al. The ecohogenicity of nerve blockade needles, Anesth. 2015; 70: 462–466
2 Uppal V. et al. Effect of beam steering on the visibility of echogenic and non-echogenic needles: a laboratory study, Can. J. Anesth. 2014 Oct; 61(10): 909–915
3 Hebard S., Hocking G. Echogenic technology can improve needle visibility during ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, Reg. Anesth. Pain Med. 2011 March–April; 36(2): 185–189

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