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Updated BLOCK GuRU Poster
with description, patient positioning and sono-anatomy


Updated BLOCK GuRU Poster

We are proud to present to you the updated and newly designed Block GuRU posters.
Together with our specialists of the University of Birmingham, UK we have extended our poster range and re-designed the posters following our new Corporate Design rules.

What’s new?

The major update is the creation of an "Emergency Medicine" poster set (set of 2 posters) that is specifically focused on selected blocks performed by emergency medicine doctors.
Besides that we have our "Anaesthesia" poster set (set of 4 posters) that covers the major upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk and ankle blocks.



As in the past, the posters show the following details:


  • patient positioning
  • approach
  • step-by-step description of the block
  • tips
  • ultrasound picture seen on the ultrasound machine screen supported by an additional ultrasound picture with an anatomy description overlay

If you want to use the posters for your activities, we offer you different options:

1) Screen pdf download: see “Downloads” below

2) Order printed version: Please send us your inquiry incl. your facility name, full address (incl. country) and email/phone contact details here.

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GuRU Poster Anaesthesia

GuRU Poster Emergency Medicine

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