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Ultrasound Assisted Neuraxial Anaesthesia



Ultrasound Assisted Neuraxial Anaesthesia

Ultrasound has revolutionised the way Regional Anaesthesia is being done dramatically. With the introduction of the technology Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNB) have gained more interest and wider spread use, new blocks have been introduced, especially fascial plane blocks and the accessibility to quality ultrasound equipment has significantly increased in the last decade.


However, due to anatomical and technical limitations ultrasound never made major ground in Neuraxial Regional Anaesthesia, especially for ultrasound-guided needle placement in Spinals or Epidurals.


Nevertheless, the wider availability of ultrasound equipment in anesthesia departments generated a smaller trend for those procedures. The ultrasound pre-assessment allows practitioners to gain important information:


  • depth of epidural space,
  • needle puncture location, and
  • puncture angle,


prior to puncture, especially when dealing with obese patients or patients with anatomical anomalies, improving safety and improving positive outcomes at first attempt.


As much as the sono-anatomy and the proper use of ultrasound equipment in PNBs have been trained and discussed widely, the sono-anatomy of the neuraxial area and the proper use of ultrasound in this location, has not been greatly supported.


With neuraxial regional anaesthesiologists in mind, and to improve the outcomes and make the learning curve less steep for ultrasound assessments prior to neuraxial anesthesia procedures, Pajunk and the GuRU team have created a new poster which provides:


  • step-by-step instructions on probe placement,
  • sono-anatomy and
  • practical how to’s.


Order your free poster

Like all other BLOCK GuRU posters, also this one is available free of charge as a coated A2 (roughly 16” x 24”) hardcopy through Pajunk at marketing(at)


When ordering your free poster copy, please provide your name, address and country to expedite processing.

In case you’ve missed our nerve block, fascial block or emergency department blocks GuRU posters, please see here.


We hope that you will like this new educational Pajunk tool and look forward to your feedback.

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