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SonoPlex® II

One of the leading echogenic nerve block needles

How it all started

The idea came from Australian anaesthetist Dr. Chris Mitchell, who was dissatisfied with the limited visibility of conventional needles under ultrasound until he found the solution to the problem in many everyday things: reflectors. He had the tools manufactured himself and, after a six-month test phase, looked for a suitable industrial partner. Together with PAJUNK® he developed the SonoPlex needle.


The SonoPlex needles were especially developed for single shot nerve block applications, allowing for placement under ultrasound and stimulation techniques (Dual Guidance). As one of the leading echogenic nerve block needle globally, the SonoPlex includes the patented Cornerstone Reflectors for optimized needle echogenicity.


The next generation SonoPlex II



The next generation SonoPlex II combines the proven needle shaft and needle tip visibility with a newly optimised needle hub. The following features go hand in hand with this hub:

  1. Non-Removable Injection Tubing
  2. Removable Stimulation Cable
  3. Colour-Coded Needle Hub



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SonoPlex ll Brochure

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