MonoBalloon DIL

Bilateral & Unilateral Dilation Balloon

MonoBalloon DIL

Bilateral & Unilateral Dilation Balloon

The Pajunk dissecting balloon systems guarantee a fast and effective dissection of the preperitoneal space with direct visualization and therefore relieves the orientation. The systems include a sterile set for an entire working process the dissection balloon and the according obturator which allows a safe introduction into the cavity.

MonoBalloon DIL-BI Overview

MonoBalloon DIL-XL Overview

MonoBalloon DIL-BI & DIL-XL Features & Advantages

1. Silicon Valve

  • Smooth-running, pressure-resistant
  • Protects lenses and instruments

2. Integrated Stopcock for Inflation / Deflation

  • Maintains consistent pressure
  • Compatible with 10mm scopes

3. Latex-free Balloon

  • Smooth, atraumatic edges

4. Unfolding Direction Indication (MonoBalloon DIL-BI only)

  • Green marking shows the direction into which the balloon expands
  • Safe application proceeding

5. Obturator

  • Trauma reduction with blunt tip

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MonoBalloon DIL Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Bilateral dilation balloon (oval), ø 11mm, with ball pump, sterile

1284-50-11 5

Unilateral dilation balloon (round, extra large), ø 11mm, with ball pump, sterile

1284-60-11 5

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