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NRFit®- The New Connection Standard in
Regional Anaesthesia


NRFit® - The New Connection Standard in Regional Anaesthesia

More patient safety

Patient safety has always been top of mind for healthcare practitioners, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong when you are juggling too many tasks and patients at one time. One of those hazards is wrong route connections between patient supply lines that administer a variety of medications, nutrition, and other lifesaving fluids. Currently the universally compatible connector for all these supply lines is called a Luer connector, which has been identified as one of the main reasons for medication errors due to wrong route injections.


Since the use of Luer connectors is very widespread, there is a higher risk potential hazards to patients resulting from wrong route injections. To counteract this risk, in 2016 the DIN ISO 80369 standard was issued. This standard defines new requirements for small bore connectors in six different fields, one of them being Regional Anesthesia and intends to prevent the risk of accidental misconnections and injections, thus improving patient safety. The new connector following the ISO 80369-6 standard is termed NRFit.


As a leading manufacturer in regional anaesthesia, Pajunk has already gradually adapted its entire product portfolio for neuraxial applications, peripheral nerve blocks, spinal taps, and wound infiltration in accordance with the required standard and has designated the products accordingly.


Products that comply with this standard (ISO 80369-6) have NRFit added to their name. All connectors of needles and components are affected by the changes.

Here are some of the NRFit advantages:

  • Increased patient safety
  • Unintentional faulty connections nearly eliminated
  • Same work process with new connector
  • Clear designation on products and packaging
  • NRFit added to product name
  • Extra safety thanks to specialized Pajunk-NRFit sets

Take a closer look at ISO 80369-6

The new standard defines new requirements for connectors, with a 20% smaller diameter which are used for connections in neuraxial and major regional anaesthesia applications.


Neuraxial Applications include:



Products in NRFit and LUER

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Fit for NRFit - The Pajunk All-Round Service for a Successful Conversion


Counselling: In planning, conception & implementation
Various areas such as procurement, storage and training, maintenance and application are affected by the conversion process. Pajunk supports you with the necessary information, helps you to correctly assess the risks of the conversion process and accompanies you in the development of the conversion concept with various services around the following aspects: procedure management, storage & medical application.


Quick identification by clear labelling & packaging
The yellow NRFit markings on products & packaging allow for easy identification, while reducing confusion.


Ready to use - NRFit individual sets
Especially during the transition period, there is a risk that old and new connectors will be used in parallel. To avoid confusion in the application, Pajunk offers complete sets with all components required for the individual application. These are fully geared to the customer’s needs and processes.

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