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We are awarded! - Volunteer-friendly employer 2021

Last Monday, 8th November 2021, Simone Pajunk-Schelling and Martin Hauger received this award.

Many of our colleagues are everyday heroes. They volunteer to protect and rescue people and keep us safe in crisis situations. These heroes are important to all of us, which is why Pajunk as an employer supports all employees who volunteer for civil protection in their work.


In order to appreciate this commitment on the part of employers, the state of Baden-Württemberg annually presents the award "Volunteer-friendly employer in civil protection". This award is given to companies that particularly support their employees in their voluntary work in civil protection. The nomination for this award is made by municipalities and aid organisations themselves.


Pajunk was nominated for this award on behalf of Mrs. Kathrin Kintscher, from the local DLRG group in Tuttlingen, and was one of 60 employers in Baden-Württemberg and one of two in the district of Tuttlingen to receive the award. A special thank you from our management goes to Mrs. Kintscher for her initiative and also her very special voluntary work in civil protection!

The basis of civil protection is volunteerism


Thomas Strobl (Deputy Minister President and Minister of the Interior, for Digitalisation and Communities) emphasised in his speech at the ceremony last Monday:


    "The mutual 'being there for each other' is the outstanding feature of volunteerism in civil protection. And the basis of civil protection is volunteerism. For so many of us in Baden-Württemberg, it is a matter of course that we do voluntary work, many of them in the fire brigade, in the rescue service, in the aid organisations. That is what makes our civil protection in the state so strong. [...] Volunteering in civil protection is a very special job. People who locate and rescue buried victims, who care for the injured, who cut other people out of car wrecks, who extinguish fires, who deliberately put themselves in danger, even in mortal danger, for others: such women and men are our 'everyday heroes' and their commitment is anything but self-evident. For me, our volunteers shoulder an especially impressive 90 percent of all operations - and I emphasise this explicitly: on a voluntary basis. They prove their skills every day in the most diverse assignments."

From left: Simone Pajunk-Schelling, Martin Numberger, Thomas Strobl, Kathrin Kintscher, Martin Hauger (photography by Steffen Schmid)