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Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress and
working together is success.
Henry Ford


#WeArePajunk - Together we celebrate 715 years of dedication to Pajunk

We honor this year’s jubilarians!

Henry Ford once said:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success."

We owe our company's success to the daily and tireless commitment of our colleagues. With their ideas and expertise, they contribute significantly to the development, production and distribution of our innovative products in all areas.

We are very proud of our entire staff, and we are especially proud of our annual anniversaries, who have been an integral part of PAJUNK for decades.

This year we finally had the opportunity to honor and thank our 44 jubilarians in person. At this year's summer party we celebrated a total of 715 years of company affiliation!


In addition to the individual employees, there were also two anniversaries of our sales branches. On the one hand, we were able to honor PAJUNK® UK Medical Products Ltd for 20 years and on the other hand our Central European sales subsidiary PAJUNK® Medical Produkte GmbH for 25 years.

With both subsidiaries, we have successfully conquered markets over the past decades and were able to expand our market leadership in regional anesthesia.


We would like to express our sincere thanks for the loyalty of our long-standing employees!

20 years PAJUNK UK
25 years PAJUNK MediPro
Group picture of all honorees

Our jubilarians this year:

  • 10 years:
    Fjodor Kliese, Benjamin Maus, Roman Zepf, Alexandro Gannuscio, Natalie Moser, Jörg Schmidt (MediPro), Kerstin Lutz (MediPro), Steffen Deubel (MediPro), Thomas Wilhelm (MediPro), Matthias Beierer (MediPro), Frank Zschage (MediPro), Anthony Fenwick (UK), Amer Residovic (USA), Clark "Chip" Page (USA)
  • 15 years:
    Volker Teut, Harald Stadelmann, Natalia Ehler, Eugenie Paul, Patricia Weisbrod, Justine Meng, Rüdiger Beha, Berthold Moser, Sandra Anwander, Manuela Schwarz, Sonja Dörr, Klaus-Dieter Fuchs, Danka Klinkenberg (MediPro), Elke Klemens (MediPro), Jeremy Langley (UK)
  • 20 years:
    Frank Martin, Olga Sevostenja, Sebastian Hütel, Sylvia Kossel, Lina Lazarev, Sonja Jovanovic, Stephen Brown (UK), Steve Tegg (UK)
  • 25 years:
    Tomasz Majcher, Isa Pinotti, Bernd Höfler, Manfred Thönnissen (MediPro)
  • 30 years:
    Irma Held, Elke Kienzle, Iwona Musiol