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Practical Experience with the Pajunk Apprentice Workshop

The Pajunk Apprentice Workshop comprises a total area of approx. 180 m². Here, each year’s six new apprentices are supported with advice and assistance each day by two trainers.


In total, 20-25 apprentices complete their apprenticeship in the technical/commercial apprenticeship professions in medical technology:

Our technical/commercial Apprenticeship Offer

  • Tool Mechanic in the Field of Instrument Technology,
  • Industrial Mechanic in the Field of Fine-Tool Construction
  • Cutting Machine Operator
  • Machine and Plant Operator
  • Process Mechanics for Plastics and Rubber
  • Technical Product Designer

Central importance during the first year of learning


The apprenticeship workshop is of central importance during the first year of learning in order to ensure a timely and practical incorporation into the workshop and production. During the apprenticeship, along with the individual technical support, we give special attention to the personal support of our apprentices as well as a good work environment and the most modern equipment.


Here, our corporate management relies on constant expansion of the machinery at the apprentice workshop in order to satisfy the increasing demand of an apprenticeship, as well as developing technical requirements. Just recently, the machinery was expanded by the newest generation of a CNC milling machine and lathe.


Also, technical training on topics like CNC programming, pneumatics, and CAD are carried out in-house with the newest technology and individual support. The machinery in the apprentice workshop is rounded off by a modern industrial robot. Especially with regards to the growing digitalization and Industry 4.0, the apprentices have the opportunity to gain experience in the area of programming and to pick up valuable know-how.


In this way, an adequate and future-oriented apprenticeship in the company can be ensured.