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Pajunk takes Care of its Employees

The past 15 months have brought new challenges to all employees and employers globally. Flexibility and a high level of solidarity were needed from all of us in order to get through this pandemic together.

Pajunk, as one of the largest employers in the region, has always been aware of its high responsibility towards its employees and has shown during the pandemic what it means to take care of its team.

In addition to the comprehensive hygiene concept, which ensures a healthy and safe workplace, the production of face shields, also in-house Covid testing stations were introduced. The testing facilities have been since used in large numbers and the weekly test appointments have become a standard procedure for our employees.

Photo: Paul Haug

Photo: Paul Haug


With the in-house vaccination launch in early June, Pajunk once again set an example of responsibility towards its employees. Through this offering, over 100 employees were vaccinated within a few days and another step was taken towards responsible normality. Additional vaccination options will be offered in the near future, including vaccination possibilites for our employee family members.


All those activities have two goals - keeping our employees safe during the pandemic, and to allow us to go back to "normality" sooner.

Pictures courtesy of Paul Haug


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