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Pajunk Relies on Satisfied Employees

We believe that success is powered by healthy, satisfied, and motivated employees. A health-promoting development of operational structures is both for the benefit of the employees and the company.

Operational Health Management (OHM) aims to reduce the stressors employees face through preventative measures in order to strengthen the company’s personnel resources at the same time. The existing proof of the positive effects and advantages of meaningful operational health promotion is striking. That’s why at  Pajunk we have pursued targeted measures in OHM since November 2017 in cooperation with and with the support of the health insurance company – from the ergonomic design of a work station to training from movement coaches, all the way to the implementation of health days.


Starting with the administration department, the measures have been extended to production during 2018. A sensible diet with fresh fruit, a healthy breakfast, as well as a fixed salad day in the cafeteria are also to be promoted.

Up to now, the offering has been extremely popular among employees and, as a result of the high demand, is to be complemented by additional measures like expert coaches on health topics, as well as back and spine training.

At Pajunk, we take responsibility for our team and would like to utilize OHM to ensure each individual at the company feels healthy and comfortable.

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