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Field Report: My Apprenticeship at Pajunk

Alen Sen, Wholesale and Export Merchant Apprenticeship, Year Three

“I began my Wholesale and Export Merchant apprenticeship at Pajunk in September 2017. Previously, I was in the USA for a year, where I first learned about the company.

Back then, I was already sure that a commercial apprenticeship profession was the right one for me. I quickly learned more about Pajunk GmbH and was immediately certain that I would apply for an apprenticeship spot. I saw the company as an ideal developmental opportunity to gain practical experience. Likewise, I found the industry to be very interesting and diverse.

Today I’m happy to be part of a technology company that counts as one of the pioneers of medical technology. The day-to-day of an apprentice often varies and is always full of tasks. In my opinion, this is important because you learn to be efficient and, most of all, to work conscientiously. The work environment is fantastic. My work colleagues are always willing to listen and support me at all times with their comprehensive know-how whenever I need help.

I think it’s great that even apprentices are treated like anyone else and incorporated into work discussions. Through the exchange between young and old, you learn something new every day – it’s just awesome!”

Patricia Deschle, Tool Mechanic Apprenticeship, Year Three


"It’s already my third year as an apprentice at Pajunk. Back in 2017 when I made up my mind to start a tool mechanic apprenticeship, it was clear to me that I will become part of a successful and established local company.

My two years of vocational school prior to the apprenticeship gave me the necessary technical background and understanding. I am not just interested to work with metal and machines, but especially Pajunk’s finished products and where they are used.

Working in our training workshop and the different departments allows me to gather a lot of theoretical and practical experience and knowledge in preparation for my finals. The team spirit amongst apprentices is great, we are working and learning together and have a lot of fun. Co-workers and collegues help me solving problems and give me a lot of valuable advice.

I am proud to be part of the company and am looking forward to the time when I finish my apprenticeship and start in a full time job at Pajunk GmbH."

"Into the future

Working with Pajunk means - Setting the foundation for a succesful future

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