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The SPROTTE® Needle - A Success Story

A success story for more than three decades

Pajunk's success story begins in 1979 with the invention of the Sprotte needle in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Günter Sprotte. Prof. Dr. Sprotte developed the first atraumatic spinal needle, carried out serial production of the Pajunk after a one-year development phase, and soon after revolutionized the field of anesthesia.

A special USP

The special part of the newly developed spinal needle, compared to other conventional spinal needles, is a closed, ogive-shaped needle tip with a side opening, which gently separates the dura fibres rather than cutting them. This way, the potential side-effects of spinal anesthesia, for example, the so-called post-dural puncture headache (PDPH), as well as frequently occurring symptoms like nausea and vomiting, can be significantly reduced.

As the material of choice, Pajunk uses an unusually smooth and burr-free steel that acquires its positive characteristics through an elaborate polishing and sanding technique during production.

Also, the new development allowed spinal taps to be carried out as an outpatient procedure for the first time in history. With the introduction of the Sprotte needle, Pajunk was able to break through on the global market in 1980. From then on, it has counted as a main sales driver in the medical technology company and has made Pajunk a world market leader.

Since then, a comprehensive product offering for anesthesia and pain therapy has been developed with Prof. Dr. Sprotte that will be used for different applications and procedures in daily clinical practice globally.

In 2019, the Sprotte success story is celebrating its 40-year market anniversary.


Needles for Atraumatic Spinal Anaesthesia"

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