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Apprenticeships and Studies 2020

We have been successfully training our junior staff for years. On average, we have between 6 and 9 apprentices and college students per year.

With the beginning of an apprenticeship or study program, a new and important phase of life begins. Accordingly, the expectations placed on the companies providing training are high.


We asked what our young colleagues would like to see in the next few years and what expectations they have.

All agreed that they would like to take on responsibility and master their final exams in the best possible way.

We offer our apprentices & students independent projects in which they can put what they have learned in theory into practice. In the individual departments, they are closely supervised by their trainers in order to deepen their specialist knowledge.


In addition, team spirit and positive cooperation play an increasingly important role in everyday work.

We spend a lot of time of our life at the workplace, therefore we at Pajunk attach great importance to make the working day healthy and pleasant for our employees. Our company health management program offers a variety of activities and options. This year we have also invested in a new cantine in order to offer all our employees a healthy and fresh meal.


Why did you choose the medical technology sector?

Our industry is exciting and characterized by great diversity. In the field of needles, we develop high-tech in the millimeter range. Our apprentices learn the basics of production and metal working and processing in the company's own training workshop. Our business administration-oriented students gain an insight into international sales, the regulatory peculiarities of medical products and the business processes of an internationally operating company.

The medical device industry is constantly developing and offers exciting challenges in all areas.


What do you plan to do after you have completed your training/study?

Standing still is not an option here; our trainees strive for further training to become master craftsmen or would like to go on to study. We are happy to support these plans, because we know how valuable skilled workers are in our field.

After their bachelor's degree, some of our students also strive for a master's degree in order to develop personally and contribute to the success of the company together.


For our customers & products, the training of our own apprentices means special expertise in needle manufacturing right from the start. This enables us to train our skilled workers of tomorrow today and thus ensure our high quality standards in the future.


We look forward to accompanying and supporting our young colleagues in the coming years and to help them master their upcoming challenges.


Welcome to the Pajunk-Team, let's start together!

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