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Pajunk Opens Up a New Production and Logistics Center – Production 4.0

Convertible, Efficient, Intelligent - the New Pajunk Site

After a two-year planning and construction phase, the time finally came in June 2018:

The new production building D10 was inaugurated with invited guests and employees. With the company’s new building in the DUNAVIA81 Geisingen industrial park, the internationally growing medical technology company has made an investment in the future and once again in Geisingen, where it was founded.

Fundamental rethinking in manufacturing processes and technologies


The trigger for the new construction was the development of a uniform needle concept that in the future will be produced on one platform and can be easily modified depending on the type of product. This calls for a fundamental rethinking in manufacturing processes and technologies. Through this massive increase in the quantities of structurally identical components, the foundation was laid for the investment into new manufacturing technology using automatic plastic overmolding.

The company now hopes to be prepared for future growth. “Today, stringent requirements are already being laid down for the production of the future: It must be convertible, efficient, and sustainable,” explains Simone Pajunk-Schelling, Managing Director of Pajunk Medizintechnik GmbH. “Under the catchphrase ‘Industry 4.0’, our new site stands for the intelligent networking of product development, production, logistics, and customers.” The growing demand for customised sets from clinics and hospitals calls for intelligent logistics. This is the only way the necessary components can be made available at the right place and time and in the right amount.

Construction phase in September 2018
Construction phase in June 2017
Opening in May 2016


In the future, short distances and fully automatic processes are to ensure this. Seasoned and senior employees were also significantly involved in the technical development.

The stringent requirements of the different markets with regards to the safety, hygiene, and documentation of processes were successfully taken into account. With an overall area of 5,200 m², D10 is far more than a modern production site, as the architectural concept places great value on the campus character of the building with the respective open areas or meeting places.

Future employees from administration, production, and logistics who will be successively hired to expand the site can look forward to innovative workplaces and a very comfortable working environment.