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Field Report: My studies at Pajunk

Apprenticeship or Degree Program? Many School Graduates Stand Before this Question. But Why Choose One When You Can Have Both?

Pajunk offers students, as well as those interested in becoming students, various opportunities to get involved at the company. The goal is an alternation between theory and practice, allowing one to acquire qualifying expertise and flexibility. Whether through a dual study program, a student internship, a practical semester, or support with degree theses, Pajunk supports students as competent practical partners in the medical technology sector and provides them with good prospects – both inside and outside the company. Benjamin Schäfer and Fabian Stihl, developmental engineers at Pajunk GmbH, already got to know the company during their time at the university through practical semesters, project work, as well as during the course of their final thesis. Here, they had the choice between a field of work from the areas of Research and Development, Production, and Process Optimization or Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs.

Our students

Patrice Pfeffer; Projectmanager Production Planning Pajunk GmbH

"My thesis at the company Pajunk was about needle production machine automation. Thanks to this interesting practical project I was able to apply my knowledge of economics and engineering from my studies. Beyond that, I learned many new things. At Pajunk, students are encouraged to work independently and at the same time are given the best support. Today I am working as an Engineer in the production planning and project management."

Benjamin Schäfer, Developmental Engineer Pajunk GmbH

“Pajunk supported me during my studies in multiple stages. From the practical semester to the bachelor thesis, all the way to my master thesis, I incorporated myself into very interesting projects and tasks, thereby educating myself further, and ended up systematically achieving great results. I am currently a Developmental Engineer at the company and responsible for exciting products from the idea to the end-product and beyond.”

Fabian Stihl, Developmental Engineer Pajunk GmbH

“Pajunk is a very student-friendly employer and provides a variety of opportunities to play a part in the company. For me, it all began with a practical semester, followed by my project thesis about the “Intelligent Needle”. At the end of my bachelor, I decided to do my thesis within the company and benefit from the qualified support of my mentor. After completion, I began working for Pajunk. Today I work as a Developmental Engineer in the area of Biocompatibility and Materials.”

Franziska Putschbach, Dual Studies Industrial Business Administration, Year One

"I am currently in my first year of my dual studies in industrial business administration at the Cooperative State University (DHBW) in cooperation with Pajunk. Before I applied at Pajunk, I spent two years studying business administration in New York, USA. During this time I gathered a lot of theoretical knowledge but I realized that I really miss the practical learning during my studies, which is also very important to me. Pajunk gives me those opportunities that I was hoping for. I do not only get the chance to try out different departments and to get involved in current projects, but I also get the possibility to work with many new people who support me. In addition, it is very interesting for me to get different insights in the medical technology sector and its products due to the fact that Pajunk plays a leading role worldwide. All in all, I am proud to be a part of Pajunk and I am really looking forward to many more experiences here."

Jenny Fritsch, Junior Customer Manager — Procedure Packs Pajunk GmbH


"I did my dual studies at the Corporate State University in coorporation with Pajunk. The variation between the theoretical approaches and the practical learning gave me the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge from university to my daily work life. In addition, Pajunk gave me the chance to complete an internship semester in the subsidiary in England where I got to know the work processes in an international context."

"Into the future

Working with Pajunk means - Setting the foundation for a succesful future.

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