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Your #ReliablePartner - Join us in a conversation about education

Join us in a conversation about education

The last four weeks we have given you a small insight into our activities in the field of our support in regional anaesthesia education. Over many years we have supported societies, events, and educational webinars and plan to show you more educational topics in the coming weeks.


As the Dalai Lama has said “if we do not work together, we will not find solutions to our problems”. That is why in a partnership a joint dialogue is important. We have been missing live regional anesthesia and pain management trade shows, we want to continue to have dialogue with you around education. Please stay in touch with us through your local Pajunk contacts and distribution partners.

Tell us about your Pajunk #reliablepartner moments. What do you particularly appreciate about us or where could we improve? We are looking forward to your inputs!

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