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World Cancer Day 2022 - We are on board!

Cancer is still the second most common cause of death worldwide. That is why we would like to use this year's World Cancer Day to call for prevention and to collect donations for the German Cancer Aid with your support.

Everyone has heard of it, everyone knows about it and more and more often it also affects people from the immediate family or friends - cancer.
Every year, around 510,000 people in Germany are newly diagnosed with cancer1, worldwide there are around 19.3 million2 - and the trend is rising. However, at least one third of these diseases could be prevented by a healthy lifestyle and prevention.3

That is why we would like to donate to the German Cancer Aid on the occasion of this year's World Cancer Day. During the campaign period from February, 1st until 4th, 2022 you have the opportunity on our social media channels to like, comment or share the action post & tag us on it. Each interaction will be converted into EUR and the sum will be donated to the German Cancer Aid.

With this we want to support research as well as projects that are initiated to improve the lives of people with cancer.


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Thanks to the #PAJUNK community, you have clicked together an amount of 630 EUR! We round up and are happy to #donate 700 EUR to "Deutsche Krebshilfe"!