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Environment, people, and economic efficiency - We take sustainable responsibility

When Horst and Heinrich founded PAJUNK more than five decades ago, they showed a pioneering spirit, definitely ahead of their time. This farsightedness and forward-looking management has characterized our family business ever since.

At Pajunk, we make long-term decisions that enable healthy and sustainable growth in every respect, especially relating to manufacturing, natural resources, employees and education. In doing so, we have our emplyees, customers, patients and society in mind. The sustainable use of economic, ecological and social resources is a decisive factor when dealing with sustainability.


We believe that the medical technology sector, in particular, must assume special responsibility for sustainability. An industry that stands for health should also ensure that the environment is kept healthy and that people are treated humanely. At Pajunk, we focus on our manufacturing processes, natural resources, employees, and education, to continue a culture based on sustainability.


Manufacturers must enact sustainable practices to shape the future into a more viable solution, secure patient treatment in the long term, and optimise hospital processes. We know this great responsibility and have been working with practitioners on developing and improving medical devices since our foundation. Our actions align with our vision, “Trust Tradition. Experience Innovation“. With sustainability in mind, we strive to stay one step ahead with our new technologies. In this way, we create a better future.


We aim to use natural resources more responsibly and to positively affect climate change.  We pay attention to all impacts on the environment along the complete life cycle of our products and production. We rely on environmentally friendly and sustainable construction methods for new buildings. For the future, we have set ourselves the goal of continuing to work on the climate friendliness of our buildings, production sites, packaging, and products. Through sustainable products, we can also support you, as our users, to run your healthcare facilities more sustainably.


For us, our employees are an essential factor; only together with them can we shape the future. We are convinced that only a sustainable company can grow if it takes responsibility for providing good working conditions and growth, securing jobs for generations to come in both manufacturing and other sustainable practices.


In addition, we are committed to further education and training for our employees to continually practice and appreciate the measures we take to be a responsible manufacturer. We have deliberately chosen Germany as our location to be able to guarantee the consistently high quality of our products. This ensures that all our employees work under the best legal standards and that we provide fair remuneration and good labour law conditions.


Trusting in tradition does not exclude shaping the future sustainably and innovatively. We will continue to pursue this goal in the future together!