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#PajunkEducation - Our first pillar

When we launched our campaign, we told you about four pillars that distinguish us as PAJUNK: Education, Safety, Innovation and Sustainability.

Over the past 12 weeks we have given you examples of how we actively support the first pillar - #PajunkEducation.


Supporting users, sharing knowledge and advancing science have always been important to us. We have developed relationships and collaborations with healthcare professionals and medical societies over the decades to offer versatile educational options to medical professionals globally.


We are eager to continue sharing education with you through our workshops, webinars, and supporting materials.

Allow us to continue this valuable partnership - Inspire us with your ideas and topics you feel are important, and let us be your #ReliablePartner!

What's next?


In the coming months, we will be focusing on safety - safety for the user, and patients, but also for our employees. We cannot wait to share more about our products and their safety features, as well as how Pajunk puts safety first as a medical device manufacturer with excellent quality standards.


Let us start #PajunkSafety!

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