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The Reliable Partner for medical associations and societies around the globe

Pajunk has been working closely and supporting Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management societies globally for many decades.

Following Dalai Lama's "If we do not work together, we will not find a solution to our problems." we at Pajunk rely on a strong link between the industry and the medical community. But what makes this symbiosis so successful?


It's important that both partners gain insights into each other's fields. For example, medical professionals can share their problems, new application methods and techniques or research findings with us. In return, we can help find quick and viable product solutions for clinical practice. Financial support, research, clinical education, and training as well as professional exchange are additional aspects of the cooperation.


As in almost all areas of life, the Corona pandemic has also influenced this cooperation. Both the healthcare sector and the industry are being faced with new challenges and have to adapt their procedures to the current situation. The exchange with each other and the mutual support are more difficult in today's times and at the same time it's even more important than before.



One solution to support the clinical community with high quality clinical education which resonated very well are our inudstry sponsored webinars which we have introduced with the ESRA in January 2021. Through an active exchange of experiences among the medical professionals and support from the industry, new and alternative treatment methods from the field of Regional Anaesthesia are being tought or refreshed. Especially during Covid the use of Regional Anesthesia techniques is one of possibilities to decrese the risk of Covid infections for healthcare professionals and to help keeping essential ICU beds available for Covid patients.


In the future, we will remain a Reliable Partner to the medical societies and will continue to support them in the best way possible. It is also our responsibility to advance medicine, procedures and techniques, and be a Reliable Partner to medical professionals around the world - no matter if digitally, analog or both!

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