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NerveGuard – The Device to Avoid High Pressure Injections

With the automatic injection pressure limiter NerveGuard the injection pressure is automatically limited to avoid nerve damage.

Pajunk also relied on the expertise of the experts for this development. Prof. Dr. Xavier Capdevilla and Dr. Oliver Choquet researched the cause of neurological complications during peripheral nerve blocks. This inspired them to develop a product that prevents these complications during the injection. Based on several studies from the market, it was clear that the cause is a too high injection pressure. Therefore, an idea had to be found to reduce the pressure during the injection.

In 2016, Pajunk started the development of the NerveGuard together with the experts. A product for Injeciton Pressure Limitation.


What is Injection Pressure Limitation?

The use of an automatic injection pressure limiter avoid the injection of too high pressures.

But for what? To avoid nerve damages and compression of blood vessels in nerve. Prolong circulatory disturbances lead to degeneration of nerve structures.


The challenge was to ensure easy handling despite the additional product. With the NerveGuard user can concentrate on the puncture & the ultrasound device.


No monitoring and no visual control necessary.



To learn more about the clinical part behind the high injection limitation, take a look into the new video of Dr. Hadzics.

"Do you want to know more about the NerveGuard?

Take a look into the clinical explanation."

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