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The Revolutionary Thin-Layer Technology


NanoLine – The Revolutionary Thin-Layer Technology

Another point in terms of patient safety is our NanoLine coating. Together with the Cornerstone technology, the NanoLine coating extends the possibility to perform ultrasound and stimulation. This dual guidance gives the user a degree of safety when placing a block.

What is the NanoLine Technology?

A very thin polymer film on inner and outer needle surface. Which leads to…

  • A better flow of the anaesthetic and gives a complete isolation of the needle.
  • Excellent puncture and gliding properties through smooth surface
  • Minimal thickness of the layer – outer diameter is not changed.
  • Improves Visibility under Ultrasound1
  • Precise Stimulation through the Non-Insulated Needle Tip


The NanoLine Coating warrants a 100% insulation of the needle. Only the needle tip is uncoated. Therefore the stimulation is performed exclusively via the electrical conductive puncturing tip.



The coating offers two advantages - precise stimulation and increased visibility under ultrasound.




1 Hebard S., Hocking G. Echogenic technology can improve needle visibility during ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, Reg. Anesth. Pain Med. 2011 March–April; 36(2): 185–189

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