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Relaunch of our live congresses.


Live vs. Virtual - Live Congress Relaunch

For most of 2020 and 2021 we have only been able to be there for you remotely.

We have been breaking new ground with you, doing our best to meet you at virtual trade fairs, to educate and update you through webinars, and to continue our dialogue through video conferencing.


We are now looking forward to the last quarter of 2021 and our planned attendance at live congresses - two great opportunities to finally get back together with you face to face.

Meet Us:

  • We will be attending the 17th IFSES World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery - hosted by the EAES in Barcelona (November, 24-27th).
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  • We are also looking forward to Euroanaesthesia 2021 in Munich (December, 17-19th).
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Since bigger live meetings are still fairly rare, we will be continuing to offer educational webinars together with ESRA from October through December.
Stay up to date on the webinar dates and topics - subscribe to the ESRA newsletter/mailing list.

Finally, for our German-speaking customers, our Central European sales team offers regular webinars on latest topics in Regional Anaesthesia and Minimally Invasive Surgery. For more details on the planned webinars please see the following links:



"Meet us live at EAES and ESAIC and join our webinars!

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