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Pajunk Central Europe Starts Direct Sales Activities in Switzerland

With its 8.4-million residents, Switzerland is one of the smaller countries in Europe, however, it has one of the most significant healthcare systems in the world.

The Swiss population invests roughly 12% of its GDP in the healthcare sector, ranking in second place globally after the USA (Germany 11.3%). Like the majority of the Swiss population, medical personnel such as doctors, nurses, and clinical workers place high value on good quality and utmost reliability in the area of medical technology.


In order to continue growing the quality of care offered by Switzerland’s 283 clinics and, most of all, optimizing the transfer of knowledge between medical professions, on the one hand, and development and production, on the other, in 2017 Pajunk decided to further expand medical-technology sales in Switzerland.


With the help of two specialized, native sales employees, now the requirements of the Swiss market can be addressed directly. With the investment in direct sales in Switzerland, the company is counting on a successful future and steady expansion in international sales, as customers around the world already rely on medical technology from Pajunk.