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Congress participation in 2020

Dear customers and business partners,

The year 2020 is marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are all affected by it. Our everyday life has changed and we have to adapt to new conditions and circumstances.


Of course, our specialist trade fairs and congresses are also affected by this new situation and some dates have been cancelled or postponed.  However, some organisers have decided to hold virtual congresses and thus to enable the medical industry to come together on a new platform.


These virtual congresses are new territory for many participants, as well as for us. Therefore we will be participating in selected e-congresses and we are curious to see what options this will offer us and you in the future.

Meet us at the e-ESRA on September 19. Our first virtual congress in the field of regional anaesthesia & pain therapy. Be curious and meet us virtual.


Another anesthesia congress will be the Euroanaesthesia (ESA) congress in November. Have a look and meet us at our virtual booth.


However, despite the lack of live congresses this year, Pajunk will be available for you through many channels and we will keep you informed about news and services.


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