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Pajunk Expands Direct Sales in Switzerland

On December, 15th, 2021 Pajunk founded a new sales subsidiary in Switzerland: PAJUNK Swiss AG. With this foundation, the family-owned company from Geisingen, Germany reaches a new milestone in its success story of more than 55 years.

Only a few kilometers lie between PAJUNK's headquarters in Geisingin and the Swiss border. This short distance will now create a sense of unity and customer support with its branch office in the neighboring country. Previously, the Swiss market has been served by the German sales subsidiary Pajunk Medical Produkte GmbH and its field staff, but "Switzerland expects locality and this will now be created," Martin Hauger comments.

"The Swiss market is a special and important market for us, which is why we decided to take this step," says Simone Pajunk-Schelling.
The regulatory conditions, as well as the import and export regulations, which deviate from EU laws, make this market unique. Having a dedicated team there is essential.


Yves Wellauer (Area Manager Southern Switzerland) & Fabian-Alexander Müller (General Manager Central Europe)

Review of the expansion of direct sales:

  • 1997:
    Foundation of PAJUNK Medical Produkte GmbH (MediPro), with its headquarters in Geisingen. This started with a sales area initially in Germany, Austria, and the BeNeLux countries. Later the area expanded to include Switzerland and Poland.
  • 2001:
    Foundation of PAJUNK Medical Systems L.P., located in Alpharetta (Georgia, USA)
  • 2002:
    Foundation of PAJUNK UK Medical Products, located in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
  • 2021:
    Foundation of PAJUNK Swiss AG, located in Baar (Canton Zug, CH)






Mathias P.R. Reding von Pexels