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EcoBalloon SB

Structural Balloon

EcoBalloon SB

Structural Balloon

With EcoBalloon SB Pajunk offers a sterile structural balloon, including a reusable valve and a fitting obturator (trauma reduction tip). While its shape supports the separation of peritoneum and abdominal wall, the collapse of the preperitoneal space when losing gas is prevented. The insufflation works due to the implanted on-way stop cock at the balloon valve.

EcoBalloon SB Overview

EcoBalloon SB Features

Integrated Stopcock for Inflation / Deflation

  • Maintains consistent pressure

Foam Stopper

  • Tight seal
  • Reduces port-site bleedings
  • Adapts to different abdominal wall thickness
  • Stable anchoring

Latex-free Balloon

  • Smooth, atraumatic edges


  • Trauma reduction with blunt tip

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EcoBalloon SB Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Structural balloon and instrument channel, ø 11mm, with ball pump, sterile

1285-20-11S 5
Item description

Structural balloon and instrument channel, ø 11mm, with ball pump, sterile

Item no. 1285-20-11S 5

EcoBalloons Brochure

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