The Fully Automatic Disposable Biopsy System


The Fully Automatic Disposable Biopsy System

As a fully automatic disposable instrument, CoreCut is suitable wherever one or more tissue samples should be extracted from the same patient. Due to the specific design of the Biopsy system, the instrument can be comfortably operated by left- and right-handed persons. The device has an optical and mechanical security system.

CoreCut Overview

CoreCut Features & Advantages

1. Tigthening the Instrument

  • Clamp is manually completely opened and closed twice
  • 1. time: neelde is retracted, biopsy chamber is open
  • 2. time: system is completely tightened and ready for application

2. Safeguard

  • Actuate the safety button for trigger the system
  • Prevents unintentional system initiation - increased user safety

3. Trigger

  • Two possibilities - using the trigger at the end or the lateral trigger

4. Function Status Display

  • System completely untightened (1)
  • Needle retracted, biopsy chamber open (2)
  • System completely tightened, ready for application (3)

5. Biopsy Needle

  • Depth graduation in 1cm steps - enables a simpler determination of the puncture depth
  • Sharp grinding - minimised tissue deportation
  • Large biopsy material chamber

CoreCut Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

18G x 100mm (1.20mm), sterile

515S120100 5

14G x 150mm (2.10mm), sterile

515S210150 5

14G x 100mm (2.10mm), sterile

515S210100 5

16G x 200mm (1.60mm), sterile

515S160200 5

16G x 150mm (1.60mm), sterile

515S160150 5

16G x 100mm (1.60mm), sterile

515S160100 5

18G x 250mm (1.20mm), sterile

515S120250 5

18G x 200mm (1.20mm), sterile

515S120200 5

18G x 150mm (1.20mm), sterile

515S120150 5
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