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MultiSet NanoLine

The classical technique

The UniPlex cannulas of the MultiSet NanoLine kit permit the perineural placement of an indwelling cannula. This indwelling cannula displays very good gliding properties, since it tapers off to the front, and together with the extremely thin NanoLine coating, it creates a fluent and flush transition between the cannula and the indwelling cannula. It is very flexible, and at the same time very sturdy – providing the best prerequisites for simple and safe handling. In this technique, operative anaesthesia is performed using a flexible plexus catheter. The MultiSet NanoLine technique permits the performance of the puncture using particularly thin cannulas.

Kit consisting of UniPlex cannula optional with two different tip designs, indwelling cannula and PlexoLong catheter.

Sie erhalten die UniPlex-Kanülen in verschiedenen Größen.

The UniPlex cannulas are available in various sizes

Diameter of Plexus catheter and UniPlex cannula is the same
This contributes to the minimisation of the risk of leakage or dislocation.

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