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NanoLine thin-coating technology

Accurate stimulation and excellent gliding properties

With NanoLine technology, PAJUNK® succeeded in the reducing the insulating layer to a minimum, which offers considerable benefi ts.

Echogenic cannula tip

The facet grinding has two inclination angles, and is coated with NanoLine technology, apart from the tip, which is bare – optimum conditions for outstanding visibility.

Precise nerve stimulation with NanoLine

The very thin NanoLine coating guarantees a 100 % insulation. The contact point at the cannula tip remains bare.
Stimulation takes place only via the electroconductive puncture tip, generating a highly precise electrical fi eld.

Compatible stimulator

MultiStim ECO is a compact nerve stimulator developed by PAJUNK®, an easy-to-use device that meets the demands of combinated procedures.
MultiStim ECO

NanoLine Coated inner lumen

This smooths out any unevenness and allows better flow of the anaesthetic.

Reduced puncture force – increased glide properties

The very thin coating means that the exterior diameter is no different from when conventional coating techniques are used. It also produces an extreme surface smoothness. Therefore NanoLine cannulas glide easily through tissue and do not require great puncture force.

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