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Starting together with PAJUNK - Our apprentices 2021

Six young people are starting their apprenticeship at Pajunk

On September 1st, a new and exciting chapter of life has began for our apprentices - the start of their training and thus their first step into professional life.

Following a short welcome and an introductory round, they started their day in the training workshop, where they will be taught the practical basics of their apprenticeships.

But besides theory and practice, there is also a special focus on the Pajunk team spirit. In the next few months the apprentices, accompanied by their trainers and mentors, will go on team excursions and will get to know their new colleagues in the different departments.
We are happy about the young reinforcement and warmly welcome our skilled workers of tomorrow!

"I am doing my apprenticeship at Pajunk because...

... I like working with metal and working on machines interests me a lot." - David Mrakic

...  I enjoy the education." - Assum Alhaji

... I have a good future in sight here." - Niklas Trick

From left: David Bienefeld, Almutasemballah Alhaji, David Mrakic, Niklas Trick, Ahmet Dollci, Zarko Sretenovic, Christoph Herrmann, Markus Lossau

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