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Pajunk USA Starts Procedural Tray Production

Pajunk USA develops procedural trays in consideration of the medical requirements of the US healthcare sector.

These treatment units are a set of all components that are required for an impending medical intervention of epidural, spinal anesthesia or a nerve block. Among others, the components include needles, skin adhesives, skin disinfectants, as well as medication. The use of trays is a standard in US hospitals and frequently ordered as required and for immediate use due to a lack of storage capacity in clinics and faster procedure times. In response to these requests, along with market demand, Pajunk USA released their first trays. The most popular PNB, CPNB, and neuraxial tray configurations found in the market were launched in 2018 as their standard offering.

Pajunk USA reacts quickly to market changes


Soon after the launch, the U.S. experienced an unprecedented number of drug shortages, including glass ampules of Bupivacaine, an anesthetic used for spinal procedures typically found in trays. Many of the larger companies that make anesthesia trays could not offer trays to their customers due to the disruption in the drug supply. Pajunk USA, a company that’s quick to react to market changes, was able to provide current and new customers with “wet” trays including drugs as well as “dry” trays without drugs, offering customers the perfect solution whatever their drug preference.


“Pajunk is always finding ways to quickly adapt. Because we are solely focused on regional anesthesia and pain management, Pajunk is able to react a lot faster to fulfill the ever evolving needs of the market, where as our competitors have numerous divisions that take away their focus and absorb their innovative efforts,” said Marco Wohnig, President, Pajunk USA. Currently, both types of trays are being produced and things are running smoothly. And, though the U.S. still hears rumors of drug shortages here and there, Pajunk USA isn’t too worried since their dry trays offer a ready response.

Besides, Pajunk USA is too busy working on their next tray innovation, “Pajunk Choice”, an a la carte concept allowing customers to choose exactly what and how many anesthesia products they’d like in their procedure trays.

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