Single Shot Wound Infiltration Needles


Single Shot Wound Infiltration Needles

The Local Infiltration Analgesia (LIA) is performed by surgeons after a knee and hip joint placement (TEP) in a Single Shot procedure. As part of the fast-track concept the LIA is used for early rehabilitation. With InFiltra Pajunk offers an infiltration needle with a large infiltration field. Due to the closed tip and the six lateral openings the anaesthetic can be widely dispersed in the surgical wound, reducing the number of injections which results in a faster infiltration.

InFiltra Overview

InFiltra Features & Advantages

1. Infiltration Area

  • Six lateral openings on the first 20 mm - 360°
  • Greater infiltration field
  • Faster infiltration

2. Closed Needle Tip

  • Reduced puncture drag
  • Allows for infusion through lateral openings

InFiltra Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

20G x 100mm (4") with 6 lateral openings on the first 20mm

1158-3G100 25

InFiltra InfiltraLong Brochure

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