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nerveblox® by Pajunk

Artificial Intelligence for Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Block Training

Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Block Training has developed throughout the decades and has driven the popularity of Regional Anaesthesia.

Starting with the paresthesia technique, then nerve stimulation to ultrasound-guided techniques, new blocks have emerged and allowed practitioners to perform safer regional anaesthesia for an ever-growing spectrum of medical procedures. The introduction of ultrasound into regional anaesthesia was a pivotal step. However, it also brought some additional complexity related to reading and interpreting the sono-anatomy picture and combining the anatomy knowledge of the practitioner and the tactile feel and placement of the needle.

Based on current studies1, AI technology can successfully interpret anatomical structures in real-time sonography assisting aneasthesiologists during ultrasound-guided nerve block procedures.

The nerveblox AI is continuously being improved in our laboratories, allowing for a better recognition of anatomical structures. Currently, the system knows the anatomy of the following blocks:

nerveblox Features & Advantages

Built-in Block Anatomy Information

  • Anatomy information for each block
  • Ultrasound pictures
  • Probe placement guidance

Updates Included in Subscription

  • Improvements to recognition of existing blocks
  • Addition of new blocks
  • Free of charge to subscribers

AI Driven Screen Overlay

  • Allows for real-time identification of relevant anatomy (incl. nerves, muscles, vessels, pleura)
  • Labels and overlays key anatomical structures with different colors
  • Assists physician in quickly interpreting ultrasound images
  • Clinically validated

Scan Success Gauge

  • Provides instant feedback on the probe position

Compatible With All Existing Ultrasound Machines

  • Works with any ultrasound machine with DVI or HDMI output

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements 
Operating SystemWindows 10 (64 bit) or newer version
CPUCPU Intel i3 10th Gen or AMD Ryzen3 Series 3000 or above (recommended Intel i5 10th Gen)
Memory (RAM)8 GB
Disk Space2 GB free space
Mouse or Touch Screen, 1 free USB 3.0 ports, HDMI Video Capture Card/Adapter, Keyboard (only for activation)


nerveblox is a software. Any hardware necessary to run the software (PC, video capture card) is not part of the nerveblox package and has to be purchased separately.
Software to be used for training purposes only.

Available Plans

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

12 month license, 1 computer (incl. updates)

1000-00-12 1

24 month license, 1 computer (incl. updates)

1000-00-24 1
Item description

12 month license, 1 computer (incl. updates)

Item no. 1000-00-12 1
Item description

24 month license, 1 computer (incl. updates)

Item no. 1000-00-24 1


1 Gungor, I., Gunaydin, B., Oktar, S.O. et al. A real-time anatomy ıdentification via tool based on artificial ıntelligence for ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve block procedures: an accuracy study. J Anesth 35, 591–594 (2021)

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