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Unique CSE Needle System with Fixation Device, Back-eye Tuohy and SPROTTE® Needle


Unique CSE Needle System with Fixation Device, Back-eye Tuohy and SPROTTE® needle

The EpiSpin SAFETY needles come with an fixation device, which stabilise the Sprotte needle for the injection of anaesthetic while reducing the risk of a needle displacement. Due to the atraumatic needle tip design of the Sprotte needle, EpiSpin SAFETY offers smooth spinal puncture while minimising needle tip damage through the back-eye opening on the distal end of the Tuohy needle.

EpiSpin SAFETY Overview

EpiSpin SAFETY Features & Advantages

Fixation Device

  • Easily fixate the Sprotte needle in desired position.
  • Allows for 360° rotation of the Sprotte needle for optimal needle eye positioning

Back-Eye Opening

  • Additional distal opening in the Tuohy tip geometry for optimal positioning of the Sprotte needle
  • No bending of spinal needle over Tuohy tip to minimise the chance of needle tip damage
  • Designed only for Sprotte needle to pass, not the Epidural catheter
  • Spinal puncture needle extends maximum 14mm

Atraumatic Tip Design

  • The ogive shaped tip significantly reduces the risk of PDPH and the rounded edges of the lateral eye minimise trauma to the dura mater
  • Minimises chance of PDPH1
  • Consistent tactile feedback

Magnifying Hub

  • Clear, magnifying needle hub allows for easy visualisation of blood or CSF
  • Easier detection of CSF flashback

Outlet Marking

  • Marking on the Sprotte needle shaft indicates the exit of the needle tip through the back-eye opening
  • Simplifies positioning of the Sprotte needle

Precision-Ground Metal Stylet

  • Flush ends of metal stylet and needle reduce the risk of tissue displacement
  • Increased needle stability

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GuRU Poster Neuraxiale Anästhesie

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1 Cesarini, M. et al. Sprotte needle for intrathecal anaesthesia for Caesarean section: incidence of postdural puncture headache., Aaesthesia 1990; 45: 646-658.

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