Sharp MSK and Chronic Pain Injection Needle


Sharp MSK and Chronic Pain Injection Needle

The extra sharp bevel of the UniMSK meets the specific requirements of musculoskeletal and chronic pain injections, reducing the pain during puncture and needle placement. Combined with a more stable needle shaft to improve maneuverability, the UniMSK is the perfect tool for all steroid/anaesthetic injections.

UniMSK Overview

UniMSK Features & Advantages

1. Sharp Back Cut Bevel

  • Reduced pain during puncture and needle placement
  • Easier and more precise needle maneuverability
  • Smooth gliding properties

2. Depth Markings

  • Easy to read and identify

3. Pre-attached, Removable Injection Tubing

  • Convenience
  • Cost saving
  • Detachable for more flexibility

UniMSK Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

22G x 40mm (1 5/8")

1192-4E040 10

22G x 70mm (2 3/4")

1192-4E070 10

22G x 100mm (4")

1192-4E100 10

22G x 120mm (4 3/4")

1192-4E120 10

22G x 150mm (6")

1192-4E150 10

22G x 180mm (7 1/5")

1192-4E180 10

20G x 100mm (4“)

1192-4G100 10

20G x 120mm (4 3/4")

1192-4G120 10

20G x 150mm (6")

1192-4G150 10

20G x 180mm (7 1/5")

1192-4G180 10

18G x 100mm (4")

1192-4K100 10

18G x 120mm (4 3/4")

1192-4K120 10

18G x 150mm (6")

1192-4K150 10

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