Curved SPROTTE ®

Curved Injection Needle with Atraumatic Tip


Curved Injection Needle with Atraumatic Tip

The Curved Sprotte has been specifically developed for chronic pain injections, e.g transforaminal epidural injections and facet infiltrations. The curved tip allows for better access to the targeted area, and its atraumatic tip reduces the chance of nerve damage and unintentional wet taps.

Curved Sprotte Overview

Curved Sprotte Features & Advantages

1. Atraumatic Tip

  • Displaces tissue with minimal injury
  • Excellent tactile feedback

2. Curved Tip Geometry

  • Allows for easier access to the targeted area

3. Highest Processing Quality

  • High quality stainless steel needle for increased stability
  • Smoothly polished and burr-free surface and inner lumen for optimisation of gliding properties

4. Detachable Plastic Wings

  • Optimum handling for different gripping techniques

Curved Sprotte Ordering Info

Item description Item no. LUER Purchase Unit

22G x 90mm (3 1/2") with Pencil Point Tip

001152-30C 25

22G x 120mm (4 3/4") with Pencil Point Tip

031152-30C 10

22G x 150mm (6") with Pencil Point Tip

041152-30C 10

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