Semi-reusable Instrument Inserts


Semi-reusable Instrument Inserts

The MultiTip is the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to avoid the amount of waste from disposable inserts but who still wants a combination of cost-effectiveness and sustainability and therefore an alternative to reusable inserts. The MultiTip is an economic instrument system with multi inserts that can be reprocessed for five additional uses. Compatible with ErgoFlex, the MultiTip is a safe connection system.

MultiTip Overview

Features: Two-stage locking system

1. Screw Connection of Guide Tube and Handle

  • Centering aid at the inclusion of the handle for a secure anchoring and an automatic centering

2. Anchoring a Disposable Instrument Insert

  • The insert is clicked in the connecting rod and tightly screwed to the shaft tube

Matching Products


MultiTip Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

METZENBAUM L , double-action, jaw insert length: 20mm

1293-94-01 10

METZENBAUM M, double-action, jaw insert length: 15,5mm

1293-94-02 10

METZENBAUM S, double-action, jaw insert length: 10mm

1293-94-03 10

METZENBAUM P, double-action, jaw insert length: 16,5mm

1293-94-04 10

DISSECT M, double-action, jaw insert length: 15,5mm

1293-94-12 10

ENDOCLINCH, double-action, jaw insert length: 21mm

1293-54-10 10

MARYLAND, double-action, jaw insert length: 20mm

1293-54-20 10

MultiTip Brochure

Not all products are registered and approved for sale in all countries or regions. Indications of use may also vary by country and region. Please contact your country representative for product availability and information. Product images are for reference only.

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