Eco HF

Economic Through Increased Flexibility

Eco HF

Economic Through Increased Flexibility

With a combined system of a reusable handle and disposable electrode tips Pajunk allows maximum flexibility. Due to the high-grade disposable electrode tips the user has a flexible selection of the optimal electrode geometry for the respective application. The replacement of our disposable electrode tips is very quick and easy.
The system is made of high-quality insulation material (PEEK) and ensures a safe operation even at high voltages.

Eco HF Overview

Eco HF-Tip Overview

Eco HF Features

1. High Flexibility in the OR

  • Due to the disposable electrode

2. Ergonomic Handle

  • For fatigue-free work

3. 360° Rotatable

  • Allows ideal positioning of the electrode

4. Excellent Insulated Material (PEEK)

  • For working even at high voltages

Eco HF Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Handle with HF connector without attachment, reusable, 340mm, ø 5mm

2002-00-00 1

Handle with HF connector without attachment, reusable, 440mm, ø 5mm

2002-00-01 1

Disposable electrode attachment, hook electrode, sterile

2002-00-11 10

Disposable electrode attachment, angle electrode, sterile

2002-00-12 10

Disposable electrode attachment, spatula electrode, sterile

2002-00-13 10

Disposable electrode attachment, needle electrode, sterile

2002-00-17 10

FlowSys HF Brochure

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